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The White-naped Crane (Grus vipio)

These photographies were made available by Peter Wächtershäuser (Copyright)
Adult White-naped Crane Courting White-naped Cranes Three feeding White-naped Cranes A flying White-naped Crane A big flight of White-naped Cranes

The following serie of photographies was made available by Dr. Stephan Roscher (photographed in the zoo of Frankfurt am Main). The first one was made on April 11 th, 2001. The second and the third one show a chick at the age of two days on May 11 th, 2001. The last two show the focussed head of the male White-naped Crane, May 11 th, 2001.

Adult White-naped Crane on nest with two eggs Chick of a White-nape Crane, two days old Chick of a White-nape Crane, two days old Male White-naped Crane Male White-naped Crane