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Zoos and game parks in Germany

Crane Dear visitor!
Welcome to this recently installed website about cranes in German zoos and game parks.
On the following sites the zoos and the populations of the different crane-species kept in these zoos are listed up.
If there is a zoo that is keeping cranes but is not listed up here please let me know.

I would like to put in photographs of the biotopes and the terrains where the cranes are kept, photographs of the kept cranes in their environment and figures/numbers/facts of each zoo.
Completed sites for these zoos are linked in the list and additionally marked with "NEW".

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*) "x" means that this specie is kept in the relevant zoo. The exact number of the individuals kept there has still to be tracked down -has not been done until now. Consequently the summed-up numbers of the relevant species are still to small.