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This website (http://www.kraniche.vogelfreund.net) is runned with respect to the mentioned conditions by
                           Otwin Franz
                           Alt Seulberg 5
                           61381 Friedrichsdorf-Seulberg

                           E-Mail: franz.otwin@rhein-main.net

The German website came into being in 1998 and is regularly updated and modernized. Since June 2002 an English site is built up, too. (Please tell us if there are big mistakes in the English translation.)

Otwin Franz (franz.otwin@rhein-main.net):      Webmaster (responsible) and contents.
Philipp Becker (J.J.Philipp@gmx.de):             Contents, design & layout and translation.
Simon Fabian Becker (simon@fabian.de):      Design & layout and programming.