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First Announcement 2002-03-10

The Vth European Crane Conference in Sweden 10 -14 April 2003

The Vth European Crane Conference will be arranged in the County of Västra Götaland, Southwest Sweden, 10 -13 April 2003. The activities will be concentrated to Flämslätt, a bishopric Course and Conference Centre. Flämslätt is surrounded by several nature reserves and small lakes, and is situated in the lake area of Valle between the cities Skara and Skövde. Lake Hornborga and these cities are just half an hour away. The Centre has got all services; required accommodations, meals, small rooms for workshops and a lecture hall. Responsible for the arrangement is the Swedish Crane Working Group (SCWG) by order of the Swedish Ornithological Association (SOF) and the European Crane Working Group (ECWG). The focus will be on the ecology of the Common Crane Grus grus.
The official language of the Conference will be English. All presentations must be in English. No translation will be available.
Most participants must pay for their accommodation and meals (full board). The organisers will pay for the official dinner, excursions, transports by bus or car from the Airport of Göteborg (Landvetter) and from the Railway Station of Skövde (along the railway Stockholm - Göteborg).

European Crane Conferences (or Workshops) have earlier been arranged in Hungary 1985, Estonia 1989, Germany 1998 and France 2000.

The Conference is supported by the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, the Wildlife Damage Centre at Grimsö Wildlife Research Station, the County administrative board of Västra Götaland and its Office at Hornborgasjön, the Field station at Hornborgasjön, the Ornithological Societies, the Society for Nature Conservation in Skaraborg and other authorities, institutions and societies. Financial support is also provided by the three municipalities in the area; Falköping, Skara and Skövde.

The first day, Thursday 10th, is reserved for talks and discussions about Cranes in agricultural environments, which has received increased attention during the last decade. This day will be arranged in cooperation with the Wildlife Damage Centre at Grimsö. For further details about this day, see the attached WORD file "Cranes in agricultural environments".

On these websites you find the following information regarding the European Crane Conference 2003:
  1. INFORMATION (this site)

Important considerations during the preparation of the Conference:

  1. The conference should deal with the ecology of the Common Crane (Eurasian Crane Grus grus), and will allow short information on other species of cranes only.
  2. The Conference should be held exclusively in English. Presentations and workshops will be held without translation in order to use the available time more efficiently. Most people representing the National Crane Working Groups speak and understand English well. Participants who do not speak English and still would like to present some material at the Conference must arrange with an English spoken person to give the presentation.
  3. Priority should be given to presentations from all National Groups, and to the presentations and results of the Workshops.
  4. Cranes in agricultural environments is an important topic and will be given one full day of the Conference (10th).
  5. The Conference should be arranged at one of the best places for studying Cranes in Europe, and during the time of the Crane's spring migration. The program includes an excursion to Hornborgasjön (Lake Hornborga).
  6. All activities of the Conference, e.g. accommodation, meals and presentations, should be concentrated to one site.
  7. Official matter should comprise a minimum, and the exchange of information a maximum of the total time available for the Conference.
  8. Costs should be reduced as much as possible for all participants, instead of paying a lot for a few invited speakers.
  9. There should be an excursion to the area between the two lakes Vänern and Vättern at the end of the Conference, on Sunday (13th) afternoon.

Welcome with your preliminary Registration before 15 April 2002!

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